This is where the rubber meets the road

This is where the rubber meets the road – where multiple DTEL solution components (phone, camera, cabling, access control, NVR) tie in to create your overall security solution:

Phone: Network access to the door relay via phone from an Allworx server, allowing a user in one part of the building, to grant entry to a visitor at another building entrance

IP Camera: Security cameras can be associated with access control points so that video is recorded on the Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Cabling: Low voltage cabling is required to activate the magnetic lock, power the video cameras, and tie back into the network for remote monitoring and management

IP Video Intercom Indoor Station: Receives calls from the door station, sees the visitor before answering, and allows for two-way conversation over IP before the tenant decides to unlock the door or not. The station is also capable of viewing other cameras actively to ensure security

NVR: The storage hub that allows for all cameras to be viewed/recorded simultaneously. Options include a deep learning algorithm that accurately detects the presence of humans and vehicles, while providing Smart Search and Smart Playback through enhanced analytics. The NVR comes with multiple types of built-in alarm sounds and verbal alerts

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