Surveillance Camera systems
for your business

At DTEL, protecting lives, buildings and assets is our aim. We carry a full range of innovative video security solutions that go beyond the highest security demands of today and deliver clear business advantages beyond security. Our comprehensive range of recording solutions cover small businesses with a single camera, up to enterprise networks operating several hundred cameras.

Don’t want to do an expensive, complete overhaul of your existing infrastructure? Fine, we offer designs that support Interoperability with third party devices - a key factor in delivering comprehensive, partnered solutions that fit your specific business needs.

One simple call to a DTEL Security Consultant gives you to access to an on-staff expert who can assist your company (large or small), by bringing intelligence, efficiency, and convenience to your video surveillance project. Our dedicated teams work with architects, engineers and consultants to provide support throughout the sales process, from pre-design to installation.

No matter your business need, DTEL has a customized solution waiting for you!

Some of our camera partners


  • Enjoy HD without upgrading to IP or replacing your existing cabling structures
  • Hybrid recording blending IP and analog channels
  • License Plate Recognition Management
  • Very fast fire and smoke detection


  • Programmed alerts for line cross, intrusion, region entrance/exit detection
  • Making invisible intelligence visible for users, and then putting that intelligence to good use
  • The People Counting function counts people entering, exiting and passing by a specific scene
  • Industry-leading analytics to deliver actionable business data for operations, marketing, and loss prevention
  • Search video records by full or partial license plate number
  • Facial comparisons between captured facial images and existing images in your database
  • Remote monitoring of incidents and employee activity when you are off-premise
  • Monitor Wall: View multiple live cameras on large screens


  • Separate internet and IP camera networks
  • 3-5 years warranty, including next business day services and DTEL support agreement
  • Redundant hot-swappable hard drives, power supplies and cooling fans
  • Powerful Open SDK that allows 3rd party integration
  • Less than one percent technology failure rate
  • Use Google Maps, floor plans and images for location-aware viewing and monitoring
  • Backup continuously or on a schedule


  • Nursing Homes and Hospitals: Prevent patient elopement, improve safety and reduce operational costs
  • Auto Dealerships: Heat mapping to identify high traffic areas for marketing optimization, theft prevention and service lane damage claims
  • Retail Stores: Loss prevention managers can be notified when suspected “habitual thief” visits - can be shared across all chain stores
  • Governments: Traffic monitoring (bridges, tunnels, or highways), perimeter protection, city surveillance
  • Warehouses and Factories: Monitor entrances and exits, including parking areas, loading docks, outdoor storage facilities and perimeter fencing
  • Small Business: Shoplifters, internal theft, and safety issues such as slip and falls or acts of violence can be addressed with video surveillance